Your Favourite Sports Car Under $51,000


What is Your Favourite Sub-$51,000 Sports Car

Michael Schlee


So here it is, one of those impossible to agree on classifications. What is the best sports car under $51,000? Everyone has their idea, and usually, they do not match. With the wide assortment of choices out there, it really all comes down to personal preference.

Dodge Challenger

Dodge Challenger

But I thought hey, why not stir the pot a bit and make a poll on the subject? Let’s see what you, the Autotrader reader, would consider the best sports car under $51,000.



To keep the list a reasonable size, we have limited it to just one vehicle per manufacturer. Since some manufacturers (Honda, Chevrolet, Mazda, etc) have multiple sporty offerings under $51,000, we stuck with their ‘Halo’ cars. Mazda gets its rotary RX-8, Chevrolet gets its legendary Camaro and Honda gets its near-race-car S2000. 


You may see some vehicles missing that you feel should be in this poll.  Some cars weren’t quite sporty enough when dealing with the $51,000 price cieling, while others were just not quite sporty enough.  After all, we are talking serious sports car here and not warmed up sedans.


So, without taking up anymore web space, I turn it over to you.  Pick your poison and tells us why it’s the best.





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4 Responses to Your Favourite Sports Car Under $51,000

  1. Peter Anderson (UK) says:

    What about the likes of the Audi TT and the Alfa Romeo Brera, are they not on sale in Canada, and if so they are surely under $50k

  2. Peter Anderson (UK) says:

    My apologies it would seem that the TT doesn’t come under the $50k barrier, which is very surprising to me in the UK, where a new TT would cost FAR less than a 135i (which I would rather have).

    Interesting topic!

  3. Brian says:

    51,000 leaves a lot of options for some great vehicles. I would personally add the Acura TL…if it were RWD! I voted 370Z, I am very impressed with the improvement from the 350 and what else can I say I like my imports!

  4. sport car says:

    nice sport car, pimp my ride too

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