BEMC/CASC 59th Annual Spring Trophy Races – Update – More Pictures


A Day of Racing, Parading, Cold Weather and Sunburns

Michael Schlee


It’s not everyday that I get an opportunity like I did this past weekend. I was invited out to Mosport International Raceway to do some ‘parade lapping’ at lunch in my own car. All I had to do was watch some great grass-roots racing and make a small donation to the Hospital for Sick Children. It was a Win-Win-Win situation, how could I pass it up?

RaceOntario GT Sprints

RaceOntario GT Sprints

Anyone close to the racing world knows how legendary Mosport International Raceway is. To get the opportunity to drive around it in any form is one I have been waiting for. However, to run it you usually need serious safety equipment, serious money, and serious racing experience; all things I do not posses. More on that later.



This past weekend the British Empire Motor Club (BEMC) presented their 59th Annual Spring Trophy Races. The event took place at Mosport International Raceway (about an hour outside of Toronto). It was sanctioned by the Canadian Automobile Sports Club – Ontario Region (CASC-OR).


The Spring Trophy Races featured several different racing classes. Formula Ford, RaceOntario GT Sprints, Vintage and Historic Racing, Formula Classic, G70+, and Formula Libre were all represented. 

RaceOntario GT Sprints

RaceOntario GT Sprints

The race series with the most participants was by far the RaceOntario GT Sprints. This series is fairly simple to comprehend. The cars are split up into 6 classes, GT1 through GT6. Classes are based on lap times around Mosport. Much like bracket racing in the drag race world, you can’t go faster then the target time for your class. Almost any Race Car ever built can compete in it.


So, just how did I end up on the track? Well the thanks goes to Alan Balinsky, a veteran of the RaceOntario GT Sprints, a friend to car enthusiasts, and a general gear head through and through.


Alan is the driver of the Scarboro Mazda 1990 RX-7 GXL race car (see picture). He competes in the GT4 class in the RaceOntario GT Sprints as well as the G70+ vintage race series.

RaceOntario GT Sprints GT4 Winner Alan Balinsky and ABR Crew

RaceOntario GT Sprints GT4 Winner Alan Balinsky and ABR Crew

Alan approached BEMC/CASC-OR with a simple proposition. At the lunch break during Sunday’s races, Alan would take a pace car around Mosport and give some car enthusiasts a rare chance to drive around the track. All you had to do was donate to the Hospital for Sick Children and own a Mazda.


With the help of some members at the call was put out to several local Mazda car clubs. The response was phenomenal for a cold Sunday that just happened to also be Mother’s Day. With money in Hand I jumped in my RX8 Sunday morning and headed to the track (sorry mom).


I wasn’t the only one though who couldn’t pass up this opportunity. Close to 40 Mazda’s showed up for the event and over $1000 was raised for the Hospital for Sick Children. Despite a cold morning the weather held out and a great time was had by all.

RX-8's On Charity Lapping

RX-8's On Charity Lapping

Alan Balinsky’s generosity and hard work paid off. He won his class (his first win in this class), came 12th overall, and won the overall trophy which was awarded to him for winning the GT class with the most entries.


Keep Checking Back as the Gallery Will Be Updated.


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8 Responses to BEMC/CASC 59th Annual Spring Trophy Races – Update – More Pictures

  1. Batman says:

    Allan Balinsky may be a race winner, but his choice for a tow vehicle is plain stupidity.

    Pulling a 2500 pound car on a dual axle trailer with that small truck is asking for trouble. He’s putting the general public at risk pulling that down the 401. There is simply not enough truck in from of that car and trailer to be safe.

    Come on where is your common sense.

    Shame on you Alan.

  2. ZmFnZm says:

    Car and Trailer weight is approx 3400lbs, truck is rated to tow 5000lbs…… perfectly safe if you ask me, and i was following it out to the track that day.

  3. ABR Racing says:

    Thank you for your concern. However, a 2008 Mazda B4000 4×4 with an automatic transmission has a maximum trailer towing capacity of 5600lbs. The 01 Rx7 race car weighs 2,287lbs, the trailer weights under 1,000lbs, and the payload at the back of the truck is under 300lbs. That gives us a SAFETY WINDOW of over 2,000lbs to tow.

    As a race team, we definitely want to ensure the public is safe during our transportation to and from the race track. We are WELL WITHIN the MTO guidelines for trailer safety.

    Happy motoring.

    Joshua Tang
    Director of Communication
    ABR Racing

  4. Thief says:

    Nah man, you need a giant honking V8 powered truck. Gotta make sure you compensate somehow.

  5. Superman says:

    Theif I am pretty sure if Mazda make a bigger truck, the race team will definitely use it!

    Wonder if a super CX-9 can do that? Probably not lol

  6. SpiderMan says:

    Say you’re sorry Batman.

    Congrats to ABR for raising over $1000 for the Hospital for Sick Children.


  7. Michael Schlee says:

    Wow, I had no idea Superheros had such a strong interest in Motorsports

  8. Vehicles says:

    I don’t usually reply to posts but I will in this case. great article

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