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Aston Martin Rapide

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Car companies are always looking for the “Next Big Thing.” In the 1980’s it was the minivan. The 1990’s belonged to the SUV craze, and the last decade has been all about hybrids. Continue reading

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Geneva: Production models coming this way

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The Geneva auto show was again replete with gorgeous European cars that will sadly not cross the Atlantic but thankfully also several that will, in addition to new entries from Asian brands making their world début at Palexpo. Continue reading

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Lotus Evora 414E Hybrid concept

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Lotus is back in F1 this year and Colin Chapman’s philosophy lives on in the cars designed by Group Lotus, owned by Malaysian carmaker Proton. In Geneva, Lotus Engineering unveiled the Evora 414E Hybrid, a concept that embodies its core principles: lightweight construction, efficiency, leading-edge electronics and exceptional dynamics. Continue reading

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Aston Martin Cygnet

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The name Aston Martin holds lots of street cred. Just utter its name to anyone and immediately they imagine a sleek and sexy super sports car that James Bond goes to work in.

You’d have to imagine really hard to picture agent 007 in their latest offering though. It’s called the Cygnet, and it’s their first ever attempt at a city car.

Aston Martin believes the Cygnet is a “tailor-made solution designed for the heart of the city.” The whole idea is, that since most major city centers are clogged with traffic, hence highly unsuitable for a supercar like their flagship DBS, you can still have a city car that has most of the style and luxury of an exotic car, but in a much smaller package.
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In Pictures: Geneva 2010 Press Days

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An insiders look at the 2010 Press days for the 80th International Motor Show in Geneva.

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Smart trip north to Inuvik 2010

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Inuvik, NWT – The ‘Inuvik or bust’ message scrawled into the slush-covered rear of our tiny Smart Fortwo somewhere north of Whitehorse was not meant to be taken literally. But in the midst of a 2,610 km trek to Inuvik, the furthest north one can drive in Canada and likely North America year round, it seemed like only one would prevent the other. Continue reading

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Volvo S60

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The four-door coupe segment is getting more and more popular. Mercedes-Benz started this whole trend nearly five years ago with the introduction of the CLS, and since then, VW, Audi and even Hyundai have gotten on with this styling trend. Continue reading

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Bentley Continental GTC Super Sports

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A decade ago, the Volkswagen Group was feeling rather wealthy and wanted to go shopping for some car companies. In a giant scoop they picked up Lamborghini, Bugatti and Bentley. At the time, Bentley was a rather small company with three models to offer to its customers, the Arnage sedan, the Continental T coupe, and the Azure convertible. Continue reading

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Mercedes-Benz F800 Style leaps ahead

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The superb F 800 Style concept could prefigure the next CLS or C-Class sedan but Mercedes has simply revealed it as a ‘research vehicle’ in Geneva. The F 800 follows the twelve such ‘studies’ shown by Mercedes in the past two decades, starting with the Auto 2000 in 1981. The most recent was the long and sleek F 700 luxury sedan unveiled at the 2007 Frankfurt Auto Show and powered by the ground-breaking DiesOtto engine.
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Ferrari goes Hybrid too

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Despite huge development costs and great hopes of making Formula One racing more eco-friendly, the Kinetic energy recuperation system (KERS) used by some teams during the 2009 season has been dropped for this year. The technology does work and both Ferrari and McLaren have won races thanks to it. Continue reading

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