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What’s Best For Your Teenager?

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Time for you to buy your teen a car?

Tell me if any of these scenarios relate to you?
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Porsche cars don’t grow old, they mature with age

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The new Porsche Museum in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen has finally opened, packed full of astounding achievements such as the world’s first hybrid automobile, the legendary wheel hub motor of the Lohner-Porsche, and the latest generation of the Porsche 911’s. My only question is, do they serve cold beer? Continue reading

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This Car’s Not For You…USA

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It’s not a well known fact to the general public. But we in Canada have access to vehicles not sold in the USA. What’s more, it may come as a surprise to even a gear head that there are currently 14 vehicles on sale in Canada that our American neighbours cannot purchase (unless they make a trip up north, eh!). Continue reading

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K9 Kruisers

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It’s a fact, people love their pets. No pet is more popular, or loved around the world then dogs. There is a reason they are called man’s best friend. Lucky for us, most dogs share our love affair with the automobile. So this leads to the question, what is the best way to drive around our furry four legged companions? Continue reading

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Top 10 “Cubist” vehicles

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Well, there will be one more squared off vehicle in the market — the Nissan Cube. It made its Canadian debut at Toronto, and should be in Canadian delaerships this spring. And you didn’t have to search far to see more square. Here’s our favorite right-angled rides on evidence at this year’s Toronto show… Continue reading

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Is your car Canadian?

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Like any auto industry, Canada’s is struggling to adapt to the massive structural changes going on worldwide in the business and manufacture of the automobile. Let’s hope we come out of the other end of this restructuring as winners and innovators. And why shouldn’t we? Continue reading

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Concepts: the Good, the Bad and the Crazy

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One of the main attractions for many to go to an auto show, is to see concept cars. Quite often, concept cars give an insight into what we might be driving in a few years time. However, just like cars you can buy, not all of them are good. So here is a look at the ‘Good’, the ‘Bad’ and the ‘Crazy’ concepts from this years Canadian International Auto Show (CIAS) Continue reading

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Evolution of the Nissan Z

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It was the Sixties. Muscle cars and American V8 power ruled over North America and Japanese manufacturers were still bit players. Nissan was called Datsun on this continent at the time and in 1969, it launched an all-new sports car as a 1970 model. Continue reading

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But is it hip to be square?

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Does this cube design thing have legs? Should we be scared? Will box-like devices multiply, and then rise up, and in a show of force, destroy all aerodynamic vehicles? For answers to these questions we asked automotive design expert, Michael Pistol. He calmed our fears. Continue reading

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Nissan Forum

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Minivanʼs are often considered ʽuncoolʼ, hence the reason many manufacturers have dumped the minivan from their line-up and replaced them with large cross-overs. Continue reading

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