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2004-2011 Mazda RX-8

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The Mazda RX-8 is a cool-looking car, no doubt about it. But what sets it apart has nothing to do with aesthetics, but rather with the unique engine under its hood: the RX-8 is the only mass-produced vehicle of its time to use a Wankel rotary engine. Continue reading

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The Cars of MAZDASPEED North 2009

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Over 120 Mazda’s showed up. Race cars, custom cars, show cars and 40+ years of rotary powered vehicles were on hand. The event was Mazdaspeed North and it took place this past Sunday at Scarboro Mazda. The event was a huge success and rose over $2000 for The Hospital for Sick Children. Continue reading

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2468KMs, 7 States and 1 Province in 3.5 Days

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The long distance road trip seems to be a lost art these days. With airports appearing in even the smallest of towns, air travel has become the preferred method of travel. It is just so easy, quick and cheap to fly these days. Does that mean the road is officially dead? Well no, there are still some of us brave (crazy?) souls out there who like all that a road trip has to offer. The open road, the freedom, the lure of spontaneous adventures and fresh air will always be persuasive factors in embarking on a road trip. Continue reading

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Bullrun Rally 2009 Ready to Roll

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It is 3 days before I need to be in New York City for the start of Bullrun and my official Bullrun vinyl kit is M.I.A. I need it to be able to partake in the official start of the Bullrun rally. Now normally this would onset panic and dismay. I mean, I am an amateur when it comes to applying vinyl at the best of times and this is a substantial kit. Working fulltime would only leave me 3 evenings at best to get the 10 hour job done. Not to worry though, I have an ace up my sleeve; more on that later.

Continue reading

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ICONS – Part 2

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This is a continuation of the previous post ICONS – Part 1. To summarize, car Icons represent a manufacturer’s ideals, technology, passion and purpose. Okay, that may be overstating things a bit, but for the most part it is true. Continue reading

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Your Favourite Sports Car Under $51,000

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So here it is, one of those impossible to agree on classifications. What is the best sports car under $51,000? Everyone has their idea, and usually, they do not match. With the wide assortment of choices out there, it really all comes down to personal preference. Continue reading

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