Bullrun Season 3: Team HemiCuda – 10 Questions

10 Questions with Bullrun’s Father and Daughter Team

Michael Schlee

It is now less then a week away from The Bullrun Survival Guide Special on Speed TV February 12th. In less then two weeks time, on February 18th, Bullrun Season 3 will debut on Speed TV. If you are not already excited for the next season of Bullrun, you should be. It promises to be a fast-paced adrenaline fueled roller coaster ride pitting 12 teams of gear heads against each for the chance at $200 000.

Team HemiCuda

Those unfamiliar with the show’s concept should click here.

Lately I have been given the opportunity to interview several of the Bullrun Season 3 Teams. This time, I had the chance to interview Team HemiCuda. A father and daughter team comprised of Mark Janos and Julia Janos, Team Hemicuda brought one of the most impressive vehicles to the Bullrun Reality Television show this season. Below are their answers to the 10 questions.

Q) How did you first hear about Bullrun?

A) Mark- I originally watched it since Season 1
Julia- My dad watched the show and got me into it the second season.

Q) What was the first thing you did once you knew you were selected for the show?

A) Julia- I remember we had gone camping that weekend at the VW Bus campout, since we had just got our bus finished. It was in the woods so we had no service so my family got in the bus and drove about 3 miles up to the top of the hill to listen to the message. I could not believe that we were selected and was so happy I could not quit smiling.

Q) So you are Team HemiCuda, but that doesn’t look like your typical Cuda. What exactly has been done to that car?

A) Mark- It has been completely modified for driving long distance, comfortably., New generation 6.1 hemi ,5 speed trans, hydraulic clutch , big brakes all the way around new style suspension, coil over shocks, 19 x 10 wheels all around , suede interior , iPod control radio, ice cold a/c , that’s just a few of the mods.
Julia- Basically everything. Everything on the car has been fixed or modified.

Q) With potentially the most modified vehicle in season 3 of Bullrun, did you think it would be an advantage or a disadvantage?

A) Julia- I felt that it would be an advantage. My dad had built the car and knew everything about it. So if we ran into a problem, he should know exactly what needed to be done.

Q) When you first arrived at the starting line and saw your competition, what went through your head?

A) Mark- I didn’t know what to think.
Julia- I thought to myself “We got this.” I looked at the other teams and their vehicles and didn’t feel threatened.

Q) As you may know, I interviewed Team Mach 1 early this month. They said the challenges this year are scary and over the top. Is this a true statement?

A) Mark- I would say that the challenges were very intense and exciting.
Julia- I would agree that the challenges this year are bigger and better then last season.

Q) Team HemiCuda is a father and daughter team. Will the two of you be able to survive weeks alone together during the stress that the Bullrun rally presents?

A) Mark- We work very well together.
Julia- Yes, we have our times when we do not see eye-to-eye and have arguments but who does not when under stress?

Q) The last Father and Daughter Team on Bullrun won the whole thing; can we expect a repeat performance?

A) Mark- You can plan to see a very explosive season
Julia- Well I cannot give anything away. So just have to watch!

Q) This is a question for Julia. The Hemicuda is obviously your dad’s car. What are you currently driving?

A) Julia – I have 2 cars that I drive. The first is a babycuda. It’s actually a VW new Beetle that is painted like the Hemicuda, except the maroon is green on his car. (My dad) originally had it the same scheme as my car then switched. I also have a 350z Roadster that I bought just recently cuz I found out my VW didn’t have enough power for me…especially after getting back from Bullrun

Q) If given the chance, would you do it again?

A) Mark- Yes for sure!
Julia- I had a blast! I would love to do it again I meet so many amazing people! I am waiting for the Bullrun reunion! (laughs)

For more information on Team HemiCuda visit their website.

Bullrun Season 3 will debut February 18th on Speed TV.

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8 Responses to Bullrun Season 3: Team HemiCuda – 10 Questions

  1. Bruno says:

    Nice one , Iceman as always , not much story telling , straight to the facts! hehe

  2. Kenny says:

    Nice Q and A read. Can’t wait too watch and see the final results unfold.

  3. Tony Intrieri says:

    I haven’t heard anything new from Mark since the filming of the show and after reading this I still haven’t!

    I’m Kidding C ya both soon!

    8 )

  4. C. Stanley says:

    Julia, loved reading the Q & A and can’t wait to see the action on the show.
    Wish your Dad and you the best. Nice photos of you, your Dad and of course the HemiCuda.

  5. Jeff C. says:

    Good luck Mark and Julia… I am having a blast watching you on TV…must have been a true blast to go do…

  6. Kevin Scarlett says:

    Sorry to see the damage on the Cuda tonight. I cursed out loud sitting on the edge of my couch. But loved to see ya blow the BullRun Mustang away. Keep it up

  7. John Hollowell says:


  8. justin says:

    just saw last episode disappointed team hemi cuda didnt win dents and scrapes the only one that drove the wheels off his car he didnt whine about damage to his car (made me cringe) team hemi cuda won in my eyes. no point havin a car unless u drive it and they drove it congrats team hemi cuda. Lambo won doh yuppies

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