Bullrun Season 3: Team BMW – 10 Questions

10 Questions with the Brother and Sister Team from Bullrun’s 3rd Season
 Michael Schlee

Excitement is building as the 3rd season of Speed TV’s hit reality show Bullrun is set to return February 18th. The automotive gauntlet is set to excite viewers once again as 12 teams race across America in hopes of claiming the $200 000 grand prize.

Team BMW

Over the past few weeks I have been conducting interviews with several of the competing teams from the 3rd season of Bullrun. This time around I had the pleasure of interviewing Team BMW, the only brother sister team on this year’s rally. Consisting of driver Jason Arias and co driver Kristina Arias, Team BMW entered Bullrun with their BMW 335i.

As one of the youngest teams to enter the rally, it is anyone’s guess how they will fare. We will all have to watch the show to see what happens. Read below to see their answers to the 10 questions.

1. How did you first hear about Bullrun?

-Kristina: I randomly saw it on tv one day and immediately was hooked!
-Jason: We watched season 2 every week! We weren’t lucky enough to know about the show during season 1. After the 2nd season ended we watched every episode of season 1 we could online.

2. What was it like when you received the final call indicating you would be on the Bullrun Reality show?

-Kristina: I was driving and pretty much had to pull the car over because I was so pumped. I swear I had a heart attack.
-Jason: When my sister called me, I didn’t know what the hell she was saying because she was talking so fast. All I heard was “freaking Bullrun!” (laughs)

3. Were you at all apprehensive about bringing such a new vehicle into an automotive challenge like this one?

-Jason: Helllll yeah! It’s our daily driver for god’s sake!! There were some advantages to having a newer car. It should definitely be more reliable than an older car would be. It also has its disadvantages if something were to happen its not necessarily as easy to fix when you have limited tools and technology available to you.

4. Team BMW is Bullrun’s first Brother and Sister Team. What made you two decide to do this together?

-Jason: Pretty much, we’re a badass team
-Kristina: And we knew we’d be amazing.
-Jason: I get sick of people very easy so I couldn’t imagine being in the car for that long with anybody but my sister.

5. Most siblings wouldn’t be able to handle the pressure of Bullrun together. I take it you and your sister are close?

-Jason: Bullrun is intense! I’m not gonna lie. I wanted to throw her out the window more than once!! (Laughs). But yeah we are very close.
-Kristina: Super close. I hate to admit it but I totally idolize him. Great, now his heads gonna get all big. We get along most of the time.

6. The last BMW team to appear on Bullrun was in Season 1. Many BMW enthusiasts wanted to see a better finish. Did you feel the pressure heading into the rally?

-Kristina: I felt the pressure to do well not just because of BMW enthusiasts but in general. I mean who wants to be the lame team.
-Jason: Of course we wanted to make BMW enthusiasts proud. But it’s hard to say what they will think of us and our performance because when you’re at home watching it’s easy to say “I could have done that better.” or “my BMW is more vicious.” All I know is we did our best and let it all hang out!
-Kristina: Its hard to compare us to the other teams from previous seasons because a lot has changed and we had the advantage of watching 2 seasons before. We kinda knew what to expect.

7. When you arrived at the start line for Bullrun Season 3, what went through your head as you saw who and what your competition would be?

-Jason: The first thought in my head was “Am I really on Bullrun!?” It was a lot to take in. We were so lucky!
-Kristina: I still can’t believe we were on Bullrun. We definitely were the least qualified to be there.
-Jason: There were a lot of crazy cars and for a second I thought we might have been in over our heads.

8. You are one of the youngest competitors to ever be on Bullrun; in any season. Heading into the competition, did you feel this could be an advantage or disadvantage?

-Kristina: We’re young and ready to do whatever it takes. Go big or go home! That mentality definitely is an advantage I think.
-Jason: If you think about it, we were at a big disadvantage because between the 2 of us we only have about 8 years of driving experience. The other teams were older and more experienced. And I’m not even talking about track or rally experience; I’m talking about driving period.

9. I have interviewed a few of the teams already that you competed against in Season 3. I keep hearing that this year is going to be colossal. Do you agree?

-Jason: Yeah, each season gets better. The challenges get harder and crazier.
-Kristina: It will rock your world!

10. If given the chance would you do it again?

-Kristina: Definitely. I had so much fun. Living out of a suitcase, going place to place, even if it’s a random town with a total of 3 people, it was totally exciting.
-Jason: Probably the most exciting thing I’ve done in my life. And I would love to do it again.


Catch the 3rd Season of Bullrun on Speed TV Starting February 18th.

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4 Responses to Bullrun Season 3: Team BMW – 10 Questions

  1. Tony Intrieri says:

    Great Team! Nice write up Mike!

    Hey guys!

  2. Austin says:

    Damn, Kristina is a babe! Can’t wait to watch this!!

  3. Bruno says:

    Come on Jason , you can break a smile… yes you can!

  4. Maxx says:

    Did you sell your car? Where is it?

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