52 Memorable Pontiacs


Celebrating the Best of Pontiac

Michael Schlee



At the end of the year Pontiac will cease to exist. Whether you view this as a sad day, or long overdue, one thing is for certain; Pontiac has made some of the most memorable vehicles over the past 52 years.

1965 Pontiac GTO

1965 Pontiac GTO

Who could forget the GTO, the Trans Am or the Fiero? Who can forget (although you might wish you could) the Aztek, the T1000 or the last generation Bonneville? These cars (and others) will remain in our consciousness years after the make has stopped production.


So you may be asking yourself, ‘Why 52 years and not 50?’ Well, in 1959 Pontiac started to use their trademark ‘Widetrack’ design and split grill nose. This ushered in the modern era of Pontiac.


So take a look below at some highlights (and lowlights) of Pontiacs over the past 52 years.




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4 Responses to 52 Memorable Pontiacs

  1. Neil Chappell says:

    GM decision to drop the Pontiac line, in my opinion was the wrong thing to do. Pontiac was always the leader in the GM line for new ideas and style that was always ahead of the other divisions. I have owned 6 models in the past 30 years, and never had any problems with them, always provided safe reliable transportation that was fun to drive. Comfort and sport styling was the key for why I always looked to Pontiac versus any other GM line. Sorry to see them go.

  2. josh says:

    pontiac and gmc are what they are utility cars
    some, but few may call even call them reliable, which in my opinoin they are NOT.;;’
    toyota is but one of the brands that has dominated the auto market
    this is because of 3 simple reason, which are pogress, progress, progress
    now im not talking up japanese import cars, or german car but the facts dont lie american cars are not good, at all
    now u say youve been through 6 models, wow, ive owned my toyota camary for 14 years with out ANY magour problem and fuel efficency i can live with
    the day an american car reaches over 450, 000 clicks with out ONE majour issue is the day it can compete in the bigs
    the end of pontiac is the start to progress, we will just see how ford can compare, and no i dont expect much from ford either, seen way too many NEWER models die

  3. China says:

    awww…me wuv pawntiak! so guh da cars awe!

  4. Joe Dorcas says:

    i owned 30 of the pontiac cars. i had a 1982 parrisienne that was equipped with a 267IR C.I.D. was a former detective car. i found out only 200 of those 267IR motors were put into those cars. it went faster than a TRANS AM or firebird. made a lady driving a ‘vette blush. lol. AWESOME handling they had. i still have my 1995 grand am 4 door SE. i REFUSE to let it go.

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