Celebrating Over 45 Years of Mustangs


Profiling 47 Classic Mustangs from Ford

Michael Schlee


For over forty five years Ford has produced the Mustang. Keeping a model alive for 45 years alone is an impressive feat. However, the Mustang has sold very well over the decades making it the 25th all time most sold model around the world. Not an easy feat for a vehicle only sold in North America.

2009 Ford Mustang GT

2009 Ford Mustang GT

Since 1964 over 9 000 000 Mustangs have found homes in Canada and the USA (and a few have been exported to other countries).


It hasn’t always been easy for the Mustang. It has had to survive years with 90HP 4 cylinder engine options, lean years where V8 output hovered well below 200HP, a solid rear axle, the Ford Probe threat and of course the Mustang II. But through it all the Mustang thrived and has always been a sales success.


Recently Ford has released archive photos celebrating the life and times of the Mustang. Below is a gallery of Mustangs representing every model year from its long storied life (so far).



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  1. Brian Shannon says:

    Nice article Mike. This one I cant do much with though, I’ll leave it up to Tony this time.

  2. doctor says:

    bookmarked, i will add your homepage to my toolbar

  3. Ford Fan says:

    I love Ford!! I drive the ford probe..amazing! 🙂

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