The Cars of Bullrun 2009

Highlighting the Impressive Machines from the Bullrun 2009 Rally
Michael Schlee

The tire smoke has settled, the awards handed out, the bail money posted and the teams have returned home. The 2009 Bullrun rally is officially over. Those who caught a glimpse of it across the Eastern United States were privy to an amazing array of high end vehicles.

Team OH Canada

Team OH Canada

Ferrari, Porsche, Panoz, Koenigsegg and Maserati were some of the makes that were represented. It wasn’t just high end exotics that were on display though; the American muscle car was also on hand. Corvettes, Mustangs, Chevelles and even a Grand National made the grid.

The vehicles in the rally were not just from all over the world, but so were the teams. This included the lone all Canadian entry, ‘Team OH Canada’ (pictured above) in their red Ferrari F430. They are not only rally veterans, but also one of the favourites on the run with fans, organizers and competitors.

Below is an array of most of the vehicles that took the green flag for the 2009 Bullrun Rally. Check them out.

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