Bullrun 2009

The Rally Is Rolling
Michael Schlee

The green flag has dropped and the racers are driving their way across the Eastern United States. The Bullrun Rally is well on its way. Currently in day number four, the rally has lived up to the hype. With dozens of memorial stories and sightings being reported all over the internet already, people will still be talking about the rally long after it is finished.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

As mention in “Bullrun Rally Ready to Roll”, I was lucky enough to take the green flag start for the rally this year (look for the blue RX-8). I knew going down to New York City that the rally would be something special, but I had no idea how amazing and chaotic it would be.

Starting outside of the Gansevoort Hotel in Manhattan’s famous meat packing district, Kim Kardashian waved the official green flag start around 10:30am Saturday July 11, 2009. A swarm of high priced exotics and classic American muscle cars stormed out of New York enroute to their first checkpoint at Monticello Raceway, New York.

Bullrun RX-8

Bullrun RX-8

So just who is involved in this rally? Well, there were celebrities like Bill Goldberg who took the green flag (and then was subsequently pulled over in New York. See video). There were also stars of the reality television show like Team Solstice, Team Lexus and Team Shelby in attendance.

The rest of the field was comprised of long distance driving legends, like Richard Rawlings, the ultra rich, and a few fans like me who were there in awe. So enough about the people involved, just what is it like taking the green flag in front of hundreds of cheering people?

In one word, awesome! I’ll report on all the adventures from that weekend in a future blog. But for now, better then trying to explain it in words, check out the pictures and videos below for a better idea.

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