What’s Best For Your Teenager?


Sensible car for you, cool car for them

By Michael Schlee


Tell me if any of these scenarios relate to you?

· Your teenager just got their license and wants wheels of their own.

· Next year your darling little one will be off to University/College.  They plan to:

     A) Live at home, but need a vehicle to commute to the campus.

     B) Live on campus, but need a vehicle to travel home with on the weekends.

· Your Daughter/Son needs a vehicle to get to their part-time/full-time job.

Saturn Astra

Saturn Astra


So what do you buy? Your kids keep speaking in code with words like SI, SS, Mini, WRX STi, Mercedes, EVO, GTI, Convertible, Lexus, etc.   Great ideas, until you start to look at the price for most of them.   Cross those ones off your list.  Then you soon realize that the other vehicles that still seemed reasonable will be uninsurable for a teen to drive or have relatively expensive maintenance.


So what can you buy your teen that makes sense to you, but also makes sense to them? I mean, you don’t want to kill their social life by buying them a dork mobile right?


I present to you 8 vehicles that should make sense for both of you (or, at least hopefully one of them does the trick).

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1 Response to What’s Best For Your Teenager?

  1. Dan says:

    If my son or daughter asked me to buy them a car, I would slap them around and send them on their way. What do I look like? Donald Trump? It’s called a bus… use it!

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