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2007-2011 Nissan Versa

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Introduced in 2007, the Versa was Nissan’s entry in a class of entry-level cars that included the Toyota Yaris, Honda Fit, Hyundai Accent and Chevrolet Aveo. All of those cars were notable in some way, but they were also all small. Not surprising in a category where pricing begins not far off the $10,000 mark, but the Versa’s claim to fame was its size. It was marketed as a subcompact, and yet offered a roomier interior and more refined performance than just about anything it could be compared to price-wise. The Versa was large enough inside that Natural Resources Canada classed it as a mid-sized(!) car for the purposes of its fuel consumption ratings.
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2011 Nissan Versa 1.8 SL hatchback

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In previous reviews of the Nissan Versa hatchback, I’ve mentioned how roomy and practical it is and how it’s a great value for the money in the subcompact class – but I’ve also warned readers that this is not a particularly sporty car to drive, particularly when equipped with the optional continuously variable transmission (CVT). Continue reading

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Cheapest Car Showdown!

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Let’s face it. Right now times are tough. How tough? Well there is a lot of debate about that, but either way, things are not great for most of us financially.
So if you are in the market for a new car, you are probably looking for something a little bit cheaper then you would have last year. Continue reading

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