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Top ten “car show” motorcycles

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Let’s start with a disclaimer. Some of us at AutoTrader.ca love motorcycles just as much as we love cars. If motorcycles are anywhere in our presence we will inevitably gravitate to them. Continue reading

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Mercedes-Benz E Class Coupe

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Big coupes are making a big comeback, and here’s one from Mercedes-Benz, who has a long history of making them. Obviously based on the new E Class Saloon, which debuted in Detroit, Continue reading

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Ruf Greenster

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When it comes to powertrain developments, tuning firms make it their business to be ahead of the curve. So no surprise then, that Ruf, a Porsche specialist, is planning to build a series of electric-powered 911s, to become one of the first electric sports cars to come from Germany Continue reading

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Top 10 “Cubist” vehicles

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Well, there will be one more squared off vehicle in the market — the Nissan Cube. It made its Canadian debut at Toronto, and should be in Canadian delaerships this spring. And you didn’t have to search far to see more square. Here’s our favorite right-angled rides on evidence at this year’s Toronto show… Continue reading

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Is your car Canadian?

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Like any auto industry, Canada’s is struggling to adapt to the massive structural changes going on worldwide in the business and manufacture of the automobile. Let’s hope we come out of the other end of this restructuring as winners and innovators. And why shouldn’t we? Continue reading

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But is it hip to be square?

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Does this cube design thing have legs? Should we be scared? Will box-like devices multiply, and then rise up, and in a show of force, destroy all aerodynamic vehicles? For answers to these questions we asked automotive design expert, Michael Pistol. He calmed our fears. Continue reading

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2010 Volkswagen Golf VI

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The Rabbit is roadkill. Run over, so to speak, by the introduction of the sixth-generation Golf, which had its North American debut here at the Toronto show. When it arrives this fall, as a 2010 model, it will go back to being called Golf, and not Rabbit. Continue reading

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Audi R8 5.2L V10

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When introduced to the press-day crowd at the Toronto auto show, the new Audi R8 5.2 at centre stage had its throttle blipped several times — and it was good. The 5.2-litre V10 not only sounds good, it should go “real good” too, owing to the 525 horses on tap. Continue reading

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Honda Insight

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The iconic Honda Insight makes a return, but this time, with a new mission. The original Insight was all about pushing the boundaries of fuel efficiently. The 2010 Insight, however, is about affordability and getting more people into dedicated hybrids.

When it goes on sale this April, it will be priced below Civic. The automaker wants to sell 200,000 units a year, with 90,000 allocated to the U.S. and 10,000 to Canada.

The five-passenger Insight is not much smaller than a Civic, but narrower. Styling echoes Clarity, Honda’s fuel-cell vehicle that is already on limited sale in the U.S. Continue reading

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BlueSport concept returns VW to populist roadster roots

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One of the few genuine surprises at Detroit was the world premier of the Volkswagen Concept BlueSport, a mid-engine, minimalist roadster. BlueSport was created to forward several propositions; that a fun-to-drive car can be made in a sustainable format; that a compact roadster is equally suited to thrive in both urban and “winding road” settings; that VW’s design language will return to simple and emotional shapes. Continue reading

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