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2011 Toyota Highlander Hybrid 4WD-i

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If you’re not concerned about the recent rise in fuel prices, you must have money to burn.

I filled up yesterday (first week of May in Ottawa) at $1.34/litre for regular fuel. Our weekly fuel bill for two vehicles has gone from about $85.00 at this time last year to $125.00. It is money that I would prefer not to burn. Continue reading

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2011 Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid

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What would Sheldon drive?

If that super-geek astrophysicist on the hit show, Big Bang Theory, were to buy some wheels (that’s assuming he can drive, which he probably can’t), I’d bet the farm on it being a 2011 Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid. Continue reading

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2011 Toyota Camry Hybrid

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When the price of fuel rises to unacceptable levels, sales of hybrid vehicles rise too. Obviously, consumers believe that hybrid vehicles will lower their costs at the pump.
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2010 Ford Escape Hybrid Limited 4WD

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Hybrid hype is flying high at my current place of employment, the Toronto production of the hit show Jersey Boys.

Many of the young cast members covet a hybrid vehicle. They want to be green. They want to be cool. They want to stick it to Big Oil. Bless their socks. They don’t really know what a hybrid vehicle is, or what it does, but they’re sure that with a little green hybrid badge they’ll drive around for free and butterflies will come out the tailpipe. Continue reading

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Targa Newfoundland Invaids CIAS (Sort Of….)

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For 7 years now the Targa Newfoundland Rally has been running with great success. Every year the event seems to get bigger and far more popular. They key to its success? Grass roots style racing. In this event the cars, people, and scenery are like no other racing series. Continue reading

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A test track yes, but not for speed

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A rather unique part of this year’s Detroit show is the indoor test track for trying out electric and hybrid vehicles. The speed limit is 10 mph. And it’s not too big. But it is beautifully landscaped, complete with two ponds. Continue reading

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