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Top ten “car show” motorcycles

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Let’s start with a disclaimer. Some of us at AutoTrader.ca love motorcycles just as much as we love cars. If motorcycles are anywhere in our presence we will inevitably gravitate to them. Continue reading

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From green Insight to greener FC Sport Concept

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They are set only a few metres apart, in the prime spots of Honda’s exhibit at the CIAS. Both vehicles tout their eco-friendliness and yet, a world separates them. The blue 2010 Insight is a production model aimed at making gas-electric hybrids available to a wider range of buyers. It will be available to Canadian buyers next April. Continue reading

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Two Wheelin’ in T.O.

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For a country with only a 6 month riding season (crazed February riders excluded), we sure do love our motorcycles. Besides the various bikes shows that occur throughout the year, manufacturers always seem to bring a few to the Canadian International Autoshow. Continue reading

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CIAS Tour: Honda

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Walking around CIAS this year it is easy to see which companies are doing ok. Honda’s large elaborate display is in far contrast to the stark displays featured by some of the other manufacturers. Honda upped the ‘green’ component by bringing both the 2010 Insight hybrid and the FC Sport hydrogen concept vehicle. Continue reading

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Honda Insight

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The iconic Honda Insight makes a return, but this time, with a new mission. The original Insight was all about pushing the boundaries of fuel efficiently. The 2010 Insight, however, is about affordability and getting more people into dedicated hybrids.

When it goes on sale this April, it will be priced below Civic. The automaker wants to sell 200,000 units a year, with 90,000 allocated to the U.S. and 10,000 to Canada.

The five-passenger Insight is not much smaller than a Civic, but narrower. Styling echoes Clarity, Honda’s fuel-cell vehicle that is already on limited sale in the U.S. Continue reading

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