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Celebrating Over 45 Years of Mustangs

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For over forty five years Ford has produced the Mustang. Keeping a model alive for 45 years alone is an impressive feat. However, the Mustang has sold very well over the decades making it the 25th all time most sold model around the world. Not an easy feat for a vehicle only sold in North America. Continue reading

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Power To The People – Top 15

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It is said in the automotive world that power isn’t everything. Specifically, horsepower isn’t everything. Sure, things like, handling, refinement, practicality, dependability, weight, mileage, etc are all important factors for a car. But hey, who doesn’t like hitting the go pedal and being thrust back into your seat?
It’s not all about driving shenanigans either. Power is useful if you are carrying a full car load, or for merging into highway traffic, or if you need to pass on a two lane highway. Continue reading

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Ford launches 2010 GT500 at N.A.I.A.S.

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Two of the most famous names in American motoring history, Mustang and Shelby, have been reunited once again for the 2010 model year. Carroll Shelby himself was at hand at the 2009 North American International Auto Show to unveil the 2010 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 coupe and convertible. Compared to the 2008 model, the new GT500 gets Continue reading

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