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2011 Porsche Cayenne S & Cayenne Turbo

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If I had to come up with the ultimate definition of a “hard sell,” I’m guessing it was the day that someone stood before the bigwigs at Porsche and suggested they build an SUV. Of course you know the rest of the story: the Cayenne skyrocketed to success and still remains the company’s best-selling model in Canada.
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Sport Trucks

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Can a truck be sporty? Well that depends on what you definition of ‘sporty’ is. If a sports truck means a lot of horsepower and can accelerate quickly, well, then there are a lot of sport trucks. However, throw an Escalade or a 600HP Cummins diesel Ram into a tight bend and most allusions of sportiness will disappear. Continue reading

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Top 10 Turbocharged Cars

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There are a couple of ‘tricks’ in the auto industry to produce the maximum amount of power out of an engine. There are superchargers, turbochargers and direct injection to name a few. All of these systems have their pros and cons behind them. Continue reading

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