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Cheapest Car Showdown!

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Let’s face it. Right now times are tough. How tough? Well there is a lot of debate about that, but either way, things are not great for most of us financially.
So if you are in the market for a new car, you are probably looking for something a little bit cheaper then you would have last year. Continue reading

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This Car’s Not For You…USA

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It’s not a well known fact to the general public. But we in Canada have access to vehicles not sold in the USA. What’s more, it may come as a surprise to even a gear head that there are currently 14 vehicles on sale in Canada that our American neighbours cannot purchase (unless they make a trip up north, eh!). Continue reading

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The automotive response

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It has been said that the only constant is change, and that nothing ever stays the same. If that’s the case, it was inevitable that the bubble from which the global economic crisis has emerged was destined to burst eventually. But who foresaw this? Continue reading

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Hydro-Québec and TM4 at the leading-edge

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The latest sports cars and exotics are always a great attraction at any auto show, but the biggest news at this year’s Montreal International Auto Show might very well be about a tiny Indian electric car that is powered by components and technology developed by Hydro-Québec and one of its subsidiaries, a few dozen kilometres from downtown Montreal.

State-owned Hydro-Québec, the world’s largest producer of hydroelectric power, has a long history of research on electricity and its virtually infinite uses. Teams within its research institute have been working on automotive applications for almost two decades and some of this research and development work has been spun off to smaller and potentially more agile subsidiaries. Continue reading

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Ten Premieres for European brands

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The 41st edition of the Montreal International Auto Show has an abundance of the newest models on display, as if to defy the current economic doldrums. Here is a quick overview of the new models that were introduced by European manufacturers during the press day on January 15. Continue reading

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Eight Canadian Premieres at Ford and GM

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The Montreal International Auto Show has opened the automotive New Year in this country for most of the past four decades* and this 41st edition has plenty of the newest models on display, in spite of the uncertain state of the economy. Continue reading

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