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2011 Toyota Camry Hybrid

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When the price of fuel rises to unacceptable levels, sales of hybrid vehicles rise too. Obviously, consumers believe that hybrid vehicles will lower their costs at the pump.
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You’re Just Not That Into Cars – Top 10

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It has been said that a vehicle is an extension of one’s personality. This is particularly true of car guys. We always seem to buy vehicles that either reflects who we are or who we want to be. There are the truck guys, the sports car guys, the off-roaders, the tuners, etc. Continue reading

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Power To The People – Top 15

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It is said in the automotive world that power isn’t everything. Specifically, horsepower isn’t everything. Sure, things like, handling, refinement, practicality, dependability, weight, mileage, etc are all important factors for a car. But hey, who doesn’t like hitting the go pedal and being thrust back into your seat?
It’s not all about driving shenanigans either. Power is useful if you are carrying a full car load, or for merging into highway traffic, or if you need to pass on a two lane highway. Continue reading

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