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2011 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

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If ever a car could justify its price on sound alone, the 2011 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG might be the one. Pressing the start button on the centre console awakens the AMG-designed 563-hp 6208-cc naturally-aspirated V8, bringing it to an ominous idle. Blip the throttle and the revs jump like there’s no flywheel. From there on it bellows like the hounds of hell, wailing to a metallic 7,250 rpm redline if you have the road (and nerve) to do so.
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Eleven Extreme Eights

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The 8 Cylinder engine is synonymous with performance vehicles. The V8 configuration could be the most famous engine of all time. Who doesn’t know what a V8 is, or recognize its awesome snarl? There was a time in North America when nearly every family sedan and coupe rolled off the assembly line with a V8 engine.

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Sport Trucks

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Can a truck be sporty? Well that depends on what you definition of ‘sporty’ is. If a sports truck means a lot of horsepower and can accelerate quickly, well, then there are a lot of sport trucks. However, throw an Escalade or a 600HP Cummins diesel Ram into a tight bend and most allusions of sportiness will disappear. Continue reading

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When 6.0L Just Isn’t Enough

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Sometimes, size does matter. This is true of car engines. The old adage is ‘there’s no replacement for displacement’. Be that as it may, engines have been shrinking over the past few decades.With the green movement and high gas prices on everyone’s mind, most car engines in today’s market place are small and efficient . Advances in technology have made it possible to coax high horsepower numbers out of these small engines as well. Continue reading

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Steamrollers: The 300 Club

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Not too long ago a 245mm width tire was deemed large. However, things have gotten out of hand today as car manufacturers push for wider and wider rubber. Even the Smart Car can come with a 215/35R17. Continue reading

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