Day 1 – Route 66 Rally – Joliet, IL to Rolla, MO

Travelling Down One the World’s Most Famous Roads
Michael Schlee

When I first decided to enter this rally, I couldn’t wait to compete and test my navigation skills against 50 other competitors. However, a mere 30 minutes into the rally and I realized it was more about the trip down historical route 66 then the rally itself.

Route 66 Rally

I spent the day driving the whole route 66 from Joliet, Illinois to Rolla, Missouri. Along with Brian Shannon in his 2010 Camaro, we took in the sites and sounds of the storied road.

Being the only teams to choose this ‘strategy’ it took us nearly 11 hours to complete. For the most part, the rest of the teams used the much faster Interstates to get from checkpoint to checkpoint. Needless to say we came in a tie for last.

But who cares? We got to see Henry’s Bunny Ranch, old service stations, and enough tacky roadside attractions to last a lifetime. So, are we going to stick to Route 66 exclusively tomorrow? You bet we are.

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  1. Tony says:

    WOW look at you!

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