2011 Infiniti QX56

Infiniti launches new flagship SUV
By Nauman Farooq

In the Middle-East, one of the most popular SUV’s around is the Nissan Patrol. Its ruggedness and off-road capabilities has made it a favorite among those who like to play in areas where roads don’t exist.

2011 Infiniti QX56

2011 Infiniti QX56

In North America we sadly don’t get the Patrol, but now we will be getting something that is almost its twin brother. Meet the 2011 Infiniti QX56, a vehicle that shares quite a few parts with the new Patrol.

However, while the Patrol is targeted as an extreme off-roader with luxury bits thrown in as well, the new QX56 is targeted towards the premium SUV buyer, whose off-roading adventures are usually limited to parking on the green at the golf course.

While mechanically the new QX56 looks like it can drive over any mountain thanks to its new 5.6-liter, V8 (with variable valve timing) which produces 400 hp and 413 lb/ft of torque. Couple that with its new seven-speed automatic gearbox, and a robust four-wheel drive system, this certainly has the goods to go off-road.

However, when you look at its 22-inch wheels and low running boards, you can see this SUV is aimed more at the urban jungle rather than the African jungle.

To combat the city streets, the new QX56 is loaded with new technology. It has lane departure warning (LDW) and prevention (LDP) systems, a new blind spot warning system (BSW), intelligent cruise control (ICC), distance control assist (DCA), intelligent brake assist (IBA) and a forward collision warning (FCW) system. All these systems will hopefully keep its driver out of trouble.

Oh, and to top it all, it has Infiniti’s “Around View Monitor” system that literally turns parking into a life-sized video game. This system projects the image of the vehicle on its dashboard screen and shows you the view all around by combining views from all its different camera’s. In reality it looks like an image beamed from above the vehicle. This system is very clever and really very cool indeed.

Other cool features in this eight-passenger vehicle include an optional 13-speaker Bose Premium Audio system and a DVD entertainment system for its rear seat occupants. While Bluetooth hands-free phone system and XM satellite radio are part of this vehicles impressive standard equipment.

The new Infiniti QX56 has just made its World premiere at the 2010 New York International Auto Show. Look for it in our showrooms by this fall.

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