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Porsche 918 Spyder Concept

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Advanced showings and calculated leaks have sucked much of the excitement and anticipation from media days at auto shows but we thankfully still get surprised now and then. In Geneva, Porsche did just that by pulling a spectacular new sports car concept out of its hat.

The 918 Spyder is a lean, low, gorgeous roadster that happens to be a plug-in hybrid, no less. A very fast hybrid, mind you. Its powertrain combines a 3.4-litre gasoline-fed V8 mounted between the cabin and rear axle with electric motors that can drive the front and wheels, combining all-wheel drive and Porsche’s ‘torque-vectoring’ technology. Continue reading

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Audi RS 5

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A couple of years ago, Audi launched a version of their popular A4 sedan that had a bit of a split personality, normally docile, but at times very excited also.

No, not the S4, but something even meaner.

It was called the RS4, and it caused many sleepless nights for its opposition. The RS4 had 420 hp while its main rivals from Mercedes-Benz and BMW were hardly putting out 350 hp at the time. Continue reading

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2011 Kia Sportage to Debut in Geneva

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There wasn’t much visual separation between Kia’s current generation Sportage and last year’s Hyundai Tucson, but now that an all-new 2010 Tucson has hit the market there’s no way to tell the two come from the same automaker. Continue reading

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