Bullrun Season 3: Team Mach 1 – 10 Questions

10 Questions with Team Mach 1 From the Upcoming 3rd Season of Speed TV’s Bullrun Reality Show.


Michael Schlee


Speed TV’s successful Bullrun reality show is returning for a 3rd season this winter. For those who do not know about it, you should. It is a fast past, adrenaline fuelled race across America that pits 12 teams against each other vying for $200 000 in cash. It is a car enthusiast’s ultimate dream competition.

Team Mustang Mach 1

Based on the successful Bullrun rally that began in 2004, the show takes place over the course of 10 days and involves checkpoints, challenges and explosions……lots of explosions.

One of the teams featured on this years show is ‘Team Mach 1’. Piloting a vintage 1970 Ford Mustang Mach 1, the team consists of driver Tony Intrieri and co-driver Kenny Brown. I was fortunate enough to spend some time talking with Tony Intrieri recently about his time on the show. So, without further ado, I now present 10 questions with Team Mach 1.


Q: How was it making it onto the show after being a fan of Bullrun for so long?

A: The biggest thing about making it onto the show was not knowing about it until the last minute. We were not informed we made the show until 5 days before filming was to begin. It was a surreal feeling. Kenny and I didn’t believe it was real until we were on the plane headed to the starting line.


Q: Why the choice of a 1970 Ford Mustang Mach 1?

A: It was ultimately Bullrun’s choice. I am a big Mustang fan and I submitted a few vehicles for them to choose from. I really like this car and specifically prefer the Mach 1 over other 1970 models due to its small block power plant. It gets decent fuel mileage and is more agile then the big block Mustangs.


Q: Did you feel you were at a disadvantage driving a classic collector’s item against the more modern machinery?

A: In some respects, yes. My car didn’t have cruise control, air conditioning or reclining seats. I am a 44 year old man and wouldn’t mind some of these comforts. Also, I had to deal with 1970’s technology. I mean, my headlights are still the original 1970 Ford equipment. I brought a whole bunch of tools along with me in case of any needed repairs. Overall though, I would say there were advantages and disadvantages.


Q: Season 2’s challenges stepped it up over Season’s 1 challenges. Has season 3 raised the bar again?

A: I would say for sure yes, absolutely. Season 3 has raised the bar over season 2 like season 2 raised it over season 1. The challenges seem a lot scarier. The explosions seemed far bigger, but it may also be that I was standing next to them.


Q: Season 2 was epic. The infamous EVO crash will live on in memory. Will season 3 be even more dramatic?

A: Without giving away anything, the season as a whole is more dramatic compared to season 2. Season 2 featured a few dramatic episodes, where as season is dramatic right from the start.


Q: When you first saw all of your competitors and their cars, what thoughts ran through your head?

A: Holy @*$&! It really was a moment like this. I thought going in that if you could win a challenge, then you were fine. Then I saw the overwhelming power of the cars involved. The cars were sick. I didn’t expect to see Viper there, nevermind a Hennessey Viper. Then I saw a lambo and a modified NSX. All the cars there were scary in their own respect. There was mini there with excellent MPG that would be a killer during the checkpoints. There are other cars too you might not expect to be able to compete; until you consider the nut behind the wheel.


Q: Did all the teams get along?

A: (laughing) I’m not going to say all of them, absolutely not all of them. All teams had their alliances and all teams had their enemies.


Q: You and your co-driver Kenny Brown are long time friends. How did spending 3 weeks alone together affect your friendship?

A: If anything, we are better friends now then before. Sure everyone annoys each other at times, but I have the upmost respect for Kenny.


Q: Will the Mustang community be proud of you?

A: (laughing) I hope so! They better be! Seriously though, I am not sure. I mean, when you are out there it is your car you are driving. You have to lay it all on the line and do the best you can. I think Kenny and I did.


Q: If given the opportunity, would you do it all over again?

A: Uh, yeah I would. I would go into it with a different perspective as nothing can prepare you for you this; but I would definitely do it again.


Season 3 of Bullrun will debut on Speed TV February 18, 2010.



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8 Responses to Bullrun Season 3: Team Mach 1 – 10 Questions

  1. Brian Shannon says:

    Very Nice article Mike. Hope we see more like this from the other season 3 teams.

  2. Bruno says:

    “until you consider the nut behind the wheel.” I can’t wait to see those guys in action!
    Very exiting article!

  3. Trevor says:

    Mike awsome job ! it reminded me of when i first read an article in a magazine when season 1 was on. It just makes me excited about the show even more !

    oh tony great job man !

  4. Tim says:

    How exactly do you get on the show?

  5. Sissy And Rob Harris says:

    Great read.This Team was so Cool to be up against and lots of fun.

  6. Aaron Johnson says:

    I am glad they busted out the carpet for ya! The Pictures look great.

  7. Mopar Rob says:

    Tony, Team Mach 1 is in my Top 3 Favs for Season 3!!! Rock on !

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