Mini Beachcomber concept

By Nauman Farooq

If you are planning on going to a warm climate (to escape the local wintery weather), somewhere preferably with a gorgeous beach, then you should ask Mini to lend you one of these.

Mini Beachcomber concept

Mini Beachcomber concept

This is the Mini Beachcomber concept, the most perfect vehicle for travelling through a tropical paradise.

With its open-minded styling (it has no doors, windows or roof), you are left exposed to the elements, as if you are on a scooter with four wheels with the added benefit of having some space to carry your luggage. Even the spare tire hub has been transformed to carry extra shoes and helmets!

While this might look like some fantasy island concept car, there is more to it than that. This is actually a preview for the upcoming Mini crossover utility vehicle (CUV). No name has been given officially, but many have speculated the name will be either Countryman or Crossman.

When it will go into production, you can be sure it will be offered with proper doors and windows, and the roof will probably be available optioned in many different styles from peal away canvas to glass panoramic to solid metal.

It will also be available with a host of BMW sourced engines, including the popular turbo-charged motor from the Mini Cooper S.

While most of the Mini CUV’s technical details have not been released, it has been confirmed it will be available with an all-wheel drive system, so it should be capable of handling some rough stuff.

While many are expecting to see a more production ready version of this Mini at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show and the Frankfurt Auto Show, it is not clear at the moment as to when the production vehicle is set to go on sale. But it has been confirmed that production of this vehicle will be handled by Magna at their plant in Graz, Austria.

So if you always felt that the Mini was just a bit limited in terms of space and ability, then this new CUV version should fit the bill nicely.

As for the Beachcomber concept, if you happen to own a beach resort in some tropical paradise, call up BMW/Mini and convince them to build you a fleet of these for your customers, afterall, Mini used to have just such a vehicle back in the 1960’s called the Moke.

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