One Lap Of Mosport – Life Experience #2


Got a Sports Car and Nowhere to Run it?

Michael Schlee


Any gearhead or car nut has dreamt of being a race car driver at some point in their life. The problem is, very few can afford to support their own racing endeavours and even fewer make it professionally.

Lapping Mosport

Lapping Mosport

So, what do we common folk do to unleash our inner Michael Schumacher? Well, racing on the streets is not only dangerous but incredibly stupid and most of us do not own our own race track. So that leaves just one thing…..track days.


Most racetracks are looking to make extra money when they do not have scheduled racing events. One way they make some extra income is to rent their track out to car clubs for lapping days. Another is charity lapping days where for a smaller fee you get to follow a pace car around the track at a brisk pace.


This week I once again had the opportunity to do the latter through an event set up by the BEMC. Although slower and not as invigorating, charity lapping can give you the opportunity to drive your car around a racetrack that usually requires some sort of racing license. A track like Mosport International Raceway for example.


Seeing a storied racetrack like Mosport from the driver’s perspective while getting to stretch your car’s legs a bit cannot be beat. For anyone that has a sports car but no where to run it, I highly recommend inquiring about up coming lapping days at your local racetrack.


Below are two videos from the day’s events. The first video is from the charity lapping and gives you a (slow) tour of what the racetrack looks like. The second video is far more entertaining and features local racer Alan Balinksy taking my car around the track at a faster pace. Although Alan was taking it easy on my car, his speed, smoothness and correct driving lines are apparent.





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