Road Racing Alive in Canada


Profiling Spec Racing in Canada

Michael Schlee


As posted a few weeks ago, the American Le Mans Series was at Mosport International Raceway August 27th-30th. Although it was the weekend’s marquee series and race, there was more going on then just the ALMS. As side for concerts and vendors, several other series are run that same weekend. These other races are referred to as support series.

Road Racing

Road Racing

But don’t be fooled. Just because they are support series does not mean they are any less entertaining, competitive or spectacular.


At Mosport International Raceway during the weekend of August 27th-30th there were no fewer then 6 support series races. These included:
Cooper Tires Presents The Atlantic Championship Powered by Mazda
Formula BMW
Star Mazda Championship presented by Goodyear
Jetta TDI Cup
IMSA GT3 Challenge
IMSA Lites presented by Frisby Performance Tire


Most of these series are what people refer to as ‘Spec Racing Series’. Wikipedia refers to Spec Racing as ‘a type of racing in which all competitors race in nearly identical vehicles’. In these cases, every series had there own unique engine, chassis and body specifications that all teams have to adhere too. This leaves only car setup and driver skill as the two most important factors determining a races outcome.


There are two reasons usually for a Spec series. The first is designed to showcase a company’s technology. This is the case with the Jetta TDI Cup (showcasing Volkswagens Diesel engines) and the Star Mazda Series (showcasing Mazda’s Rotary Renesis Motor). The second reason is the Spec Series is a feeder league to a larger series. Such is the case for the IMSA lites.


Either way, all series provided great entertainment. Check out the pictures below.


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