Motion C.C.S. Recap – Classics and Hotrods

The Best of the Classic Cars and Hotrods at the Motion Custom Car Show

Michael Schlee

The Motion Custom Car Show was held this past weekend at Exhibition Place in Toronto. There were vehicles from all walks of life represented at the show.



The bread and butter of the Motion Custom Car show are the hot rods and classic cars. These vehicles consume the majority of the floor space at the show.

There were hotrods, restorods, stock antiques, replica, ratrods, movie cars and even some vehicles that can’t fit into a description.

There was even an original General Lee at the show.  So, here are the highlights from the Motion Custom Car Show.

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1 Response to Motion C.C.S. Recap – Classics and Hotrods

  1. Wow! I love the Morris. And that 56 Chevy is the nicest I’ve ever seen. Thanks for all of these great images of fine steel machines. They are very inspiring.

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