Bullrun: Episode 5

Following the car based reality show

 Michael Schlee


Bullrun may be one of the best automotive programs you are not watching. A reality television game show based around cars and the people who drive them; Bullrun is aired Thursday nights at 10PM on Speed TV and with Goldberg as the host, how can it not be entertaining?




A spiritual successor to the old Gunball and Cannonball rallies, Bullrun features all the drama, alliances, backstabbing and suspense of a normal reality television show. However, where Bullrun stands out from the crowd of reality TV is its focus on skills needed for all things automotive. Precision driving, navigation, concentration and a bit of mechanical skills are all needed to win this rally. For more information on the rally and its format, visit http://www.speedtv.com/programs/bullrun/ and http://www.bullrun.com/.


Episode 5 Recap:


To start the episode the question everyone had been waiting all week to be answered finally was. After last week’s rollover, the Dodge Dart was back on the road. Once this was announced, the teams headed outside to a snowy morning and started that day’s leg. A cold snowy day was not a welcome sight for the VW bus that had no heater or windshield wipers.


During the driving leg Team Avalanche and Team Solstice played a cat mouse game with each other.  Well, they did up until Team Solstice made a wrong turn and fell far behind. Meanwhile Team Strange (Corvette) decidesd to pull off the road and buy some fireworks and a reindeer poncho. Vital supplies for any road rally.


By using a local as a guide, Team Avalanche is the first to arrive at the checkpoint followed by the VW Bus. The Solstice and the Corvette were the last two teams to arrive and are forced into the challenge the next day. However, the night before the challenge can happen, a member from Team Avalanche (Bear) decides it is a good time to get thrown into jail. Luckily he is bailed out before the events start the next morning.


With Solstice and Corvette already in the challenge, Team Avalanche (being the winners of the leg) decided to put Team Camaro into the challenge to take out one of the other two. However, this all backfires when Team Camaro makes one minor slip up during the challenge. Just one miscue during a 180 turn is all it took to send Camaro home.


So next week should be just as good or better. I mean, Goldberg has a rocket launcher, how could it fail to entertain?

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