NLV Quant by Koenigsegg

By Michael Goetz


Well, if you’re known for building 1,000-hp plus super cars, and you figure you need to roll out something green, it probably won’t be an electric moped. So no big surprise then, I guess, to see Swedish mojo maker, Koenigsegg, join forces with NVL Solar AG, to eventually produce the all-electric high-performance NVL Quant.


This sexy number will seat four, and ingress and egress is by way of two, huge gull wing doors. The bodywork incorporates aluminum and carbon-fibre body panels. Combined with a carbon-fibre chassis, the Quant is expected to weigh less than 4,000 lbs.

NLV Quant

NLV Quant


The two motors connected to the rear wheels make a combined output of 512 hp and 527 lb-ft of torque, so motivation should be, well, electricfying. The motors will be getting juice from NLV’s proprietary battery system.


According to Koenigsegg, it should take only 20 minutes to fully charge the batteries. Helping to get the expected range of 300 or so miles, is a four-wheel regenerative braking system, and a clear photovoltaic coating on the car’s exterior, to capture solar power (the latter only to be used to power accessories).


The car displayed at Geneva was not running, but apparently running prototypes are presently being assembled.

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