GUMPERT Apollo Speed

By Michael Goetz


You’d think the brains at Germany-based GUMPERT could be more gamefully employed at some other endeavor than trying to make really, really fast cars for really, really rich people, but we’re glad they’re not. We get to behold creations like the GUMPERT Apollo Speed, which the specialty firm unveiled at Geneva.


While the other models in the franchise (Apollo, Apollo Sport, and Apollo Race) are said to be optimized for “performance for racetracks, lateral acceleration and grip in all situations,” this new toy is about top end speed. Hence the modfications to reduce drag, such as the lowered body, the removal of the rear wing, fixed wheel covers, fully enclosed underbody, revised tail section, and smaller, roof-mounted intake.

GUMPERT Apollo Speed

GUMPERT Apollo Speed


Like all Apollo models, power comes from an Audi V8 fitted with dual turbochargers, available in three states of stupendous tune: 650 or 700 or 800 horsepower. Maximum speed is said to be over 360 km/h.


But for all its high-end shanagens, the Apollo Speed is still a street car, with leather or Alcantara interior, a/c, DVD player, etc. And the removeable steering wheel makes it easier to get settled into the driver seat (embedded in the monocoque) and get strapped into that four-point harness. Such luxury.

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