Ruf Greenster

By Mike Goetz


When it comes to powertrain developments, tuning firms make it their business to be ahead of the curve. So no surprise then, that Ruf, a Porsche specialist, is planning to build a series of electric-powered 911s, to become one of the first electric sports cars to come from Germany.


The Ruf Greenster on display at Geneva features a 270 kW Siemens electric motor with 695 lb-ft of torque, but a future version of the car could have a twin motor set-up.


RUF Greenster


The lithium ion battery pack is compact enough that the car still has good storage space in the front trunk.


The firm claims that the battery pack can absorb and release power very quickly, enabling more regenerative braking capacity and the ability to fully charge in only one hour, from a 400V outlet.


Styling is in the “speedster” mode, with a chopped windshield and other minimalist aesthetics. They’re planning to have examples ready by 2010.

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