BMW 5 Series Gran Turisomo

By Michael Goetz

Technically this is still a concept, but it can’t be far off what BMW will soon offer, as an additional model in the 5 Series range. 


The roofline is very “coupe-like” — the prime indicator that this vehicle is taking aim at a very important, developing demographic: mature folks who don’t need an SUV or crossover anymore, but are unwilling to bend over to get into low-slung sedans. 

BMW 5 Series Gran Turisomo

BMW 5 Series Gran Turisomo

They also want to announce to the world, that they’re still “sporty and youthful,” so don’t want shapes that reek of “space efficiency,” like minivans. 


So we’re looking at a performance-orientated sedan, with some crossover features, like a bit more height, and a tailgate. The latter is a novel two-stage affair; the bottom section opens separately, and it won’t expose occupants to outside air. But the whole tailgate still goes up to accommodate bulky items. 


There are only two rear seats, but they slide fore and aft by more than 100 mm. At the rear-most position the legroom is the same as in the BMW 7 Series. At the front-most position, luggage capacity increases to 570 litres (from 430), and the legroom is the same as found in the current 5 Series Sedan.

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