Nissan Qazana

By Nauman Farooq


Nissan surprised the crowds in Geneva with its latest concept vehicle, called the Qazana.


This five-door, compact crossover is inspired by motorbikes and beach buggies according to Nissan, which said “Qazana shows that mind-numbing motoring could be a thing of past.”

Nissan Qazana

Nissan Qazana (photo: Nissan)

While stating that this concept (which was penned at Nissan Design Europe), is for the moment just a design study, Nissan did say it plans to produce a smaller crossover to be marketed below the Qashqai in Europe.


Nissan says, due to its “compact overall dimensions (4060mm in length, 1570mm tall, 1780 wide and a wheelbase of 2530mm) mean Qazana would be ideally suited to the urban environment.”


To go with its wild-looking exterior comes a wild-looking interior, which Nissan says involves both hard and soft interior elements to show that the interior is “an extension of the exterior.”


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Whatever Nissan means by all this might seem a bit confusing to most of us, even a bit pointless, especially since this concept is just beautiful to behold.


Nissan should stop with the technical talk about its design and inspiration and start building it, and if Nissan does produce it, hope they won’t forget to send some of these to the North American market too.

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