Top 10 “Cubist” vehicles

By Michael Goetz

Well, there will be one more squared off vehicle in the market — the Nissan Cube. It made its Canadian debut at Toronto, and should be in Canadian delaerships this spring. And you didn’t have to search far to see more square. Here’s our favorite right-angled rides on evidence at this year’s Toronto show…

Land Rover LR3

Land Rover

• Nissan Cube — square, for fashion sake. Also the purist cube out out there.


• Ford Transit — squarish, for light-delivery sake.


• Mercedes-Benz G-Class — square, because, well someone forgot to unsquare it a while back and now it’s uber cool in a retro and distinctive way, which partially justifies its outlandish price ($110,000-plus).   


• Zenn NEV —  squarish and space effecient, for electricty sake.


• Nissan NV2500 Concept — square, for commerical sake. A travelling Home Depot.


• Land Rover LR3 — square, because it’s the Land Rover way.


• Ford Flex — square, to differentiate itself from the crossover pack.


• Mitsubishi iMiEV — not really square, but really close to a “one-box” design.


• Jeep Wrangler Unlimited — square and all four doors come off.


• Nissan Forum Concept — square out back, more organic up front, and strangley elegant overall for a minivan.

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