Nissan Forum

By Nauman Farooq


Minivanʼs are often considered ʽuncoolʼ, hence the reason many manufacturers have dumped the minivan from their line-up and replaced them with large cross-overs.


Nissan however still believes in the minivan segment, and hopes to make it ʽcoolʼ with vehicles like the Forum concept.

Nissan Forum

Nissan Forum (photo: Isaac Adams-Hands)

One look at this vehicle and you can see that this isnʼt your ordinary minivan. Its spaceship like styling and huge rims are certainly pleasing to the eye, but the main attraction is inside where you get a ʽzone for parents upfront and a kids zone in the back.ʼ


With every kind of modern gadgetry on board, you are not likely to be bored in this minivan, it even has swiveling seats so you turn it into a conference room while on the move.


Nissan hasnʼt announced any production plans for the Forum for now, and hence no powertrain has been mentioned, but you can bet that the familiar 3.7-liter, V6 would be on the cards if this vehicle gets the green light, which I hope this vehicle gets.

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