2010 Toyota Prius

By Nauman Farooq

There is no doubt, that the Toyota Prius is the most successful hybrid on the market. Itʼs impressive fuel-economy and practicality has made it ʽtheʼ choice vehicle for everyone looking to go green, even Hollywood celebrities.

Toyota has now unveiled the third-generation Prius, which can be seen for the first time in Canada at the 2009 Toronto International Auto Show.

Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius (Photo: Isaac Adams-Hands)

The 2010 Prius promises to be even more efficient than the outgoing model. Toyota says, the new Prius will achieve 3.8-liters/100km on a combined cycle, which will easily make it the most fuel-efficient car in the Canadian market, even better than other competitors diesel offerings. The new Prius achieves this with the help of its new EV-Drive mode, which allows this car to travel on strictly electric power for about 2 km, if conditions permit.

Another reason for its impressive fuel-economy is its improved aerodynamics, which has a drag co-efficient of just 0.25, lowest of any current production car.

The new Prius goes on sale in Canada later this year.

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