Run For The Hills!


The Canadian Armed Forces at CIAS

By Michael Schlee


The Canadian International Autoshow could be one of the safest places to be right now. The Canadian Armed Forces are there.

Photo: Michael Schlee

Photo: Michael Schlee

Upon discovering their display, I immediately tried to find their snow removal equipment. I mean, isn’t that the only reason we invite the army to Toronto?


Although I couldn’t find snowplows, I did find some other very impressive equipment. Included in their display was two HLVW’s, a big cannon and cockpit from a jet that you could sit in. My personal favourite was the LAV3. With 8 tires, a reinforced body and 350HP turbo-diesel engine, this vehicle could go anywhere. It was great to have the honour of meeting some of our returning troops.

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1 Response to Run For The Hills!

  1. cash says:

    This must have been incredible to see in person. My child would love to see all this great equipment.

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