Corvettes, Corvettes, and more Corvettes!


The Corvette Club of Ontario is running a display honouring….guess what….the Corvette.  

By Michael Schlee


Photo: Michael Schlee

Along with many of the clubs personal classics, GM has been kind enough to lend a few Corvettes from their heritage museum. This includes an original 1953 Corvette, a 1997 Corvette featuring serial #00001 and two historic concepts. 

If that wasn’t enough, Ron Fellows was kind enough to lend his own personal Z06 ALMS Ron Fellows edition for the show. 


Members of the Corvette Club of Ontario will be on site for the duration of the show to answer any questions you may have. 

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1 Response to Corvettes, Corvettes, and more Corvettes!

  1. Dan says:

    Wow, looking at all of these Corvettes just reinforces my belief that they are long over due for a facelift. With the exception of the first few production models, the thing has basically remained the same for decades.

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