CIAS Tour: Volkswagen


Touring the Volkswagen Display at CIAS

By Michael Schlee


It’s not often that a manufacturer’s auto show display will have 3 generations of one car model (and all for sale in the same year too). But Volkswagen has it;

Photo: Michael Schlee

Photo: Michael Schlee


the current Rabbit (Golf V), the City Golf (Golf IV) and the upcoming new Golf (Golf VI). Besides the golf party, Volkswagen has all their other models at CIAS including the new Touareg TDI, recently introduced Routan and the Tiguan.


A fun aspect of the Volkswagen display is GTI driving experience. It is a driving simulator/video game. I was able to sneak and perform a run. I managed a 1:20.32, fastest time of the day! Ok, I may have been only the 4th person to play that day….

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