CIAS Tour: Pontiac


Touring the Pontiac Display at CIAS
By Michael Schlee


Pontiac continued GM’s theme this year at CIAS of low key sensible displays. All of their models are on hand parked in a long line for easy browsing.

Michael Schlee

Photo: Michael Schlee

The biggest news this year for Pontiac is the 2010 Solstice coupe which is on display.


The recently introduced Pontiac Vibe is also on display along with an ‘interestingly’ modified pink example. With G8 production being recently reduced drastically due to slow sales, there is only one GT edition of the G8 hiding near the back of the Pontiac display.   Too bad as this is one nice vehicle.

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1 Response to CIAS Tour: Pontiac

  1. Dan says:

    They reduce production for the G8 but continue to build tons of Montana SV6’s. I guess they’re really counting on the soccer mom to save them from total annihilation.

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