CIAS Tour: Honda


Touring the Honda Display at CIAS
By Michael Schlee


Walking around CIAS this year it is easy to see which companies are doing ok.  Honda’s large elaborate display is in far contrast to the stark displays featured by some of the other manufacturers.

Photo: Michael Schlee

Photo: Michael Schlee

Honda upped the ‘green’ component by bringing both the 2010 Insight hybrid and the FC Sport hydrogen concept vehicle.


Besides displaying all of their car models, Honda also brought an arrangement of Motorcycles, ATVs, Mopeds and even Helmets. But, for something truly different, check out the Honda Indy Car on display. Interesting feature at the Honda display: three interactive booths named Green, Safe, Fun (Honda Mottos?).  Like several other manufacturers this year, Honda had their trucks hiding near the back corner of their display.

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